• Av. Luis Felipe de Las Casas S/N Km. 21 - Cieneguilla - Lima 40
  • 0051 995 669 578

CIMA’s mission is sustained entirely by donations. It has always been that way and we intend to keep it that way. It is a work of human solidarity in which we deeply believe.

However, achieving this is not easy, even more so given the fact that CIMA covers all the needs of its little inhabitants, from food, clothing and even oral hygiene, completely free of charge.

For this we have a number of donors who generously contribute each year, mostly from Europe, Canada and the US. But given the crisis in many of these economies, both the amount of donations and the value (depreciated by the exchange rate) of the volume of donations, in real terms, have decreased significantly, while, as everyone will understand, the costs increase. .

CIMA is actively working to obtain new and sustainable donors, but YOUR contribution is very important and can make a huge difference. Our accounting is absolutely transparent, we have periodic audits and the administrative costs are minimal so that your contribution reaches the little ones directly.

You can always know how your donation is spent!

Donate to One of Our Bank Accounts

To make an offline donation, we ask that you follow these instructions:

  1. Please turn to the name of CIMA Association in one of our accounts:

Dollars: 01044106004070
CCI: 009-044-001106004070-93

Soles: 00044106009124
CCI: 009-044-000106009124-94

Soles: 0004096754
CCI: 009-064-000004096754-79


  • Credit Bank of PeruBCP

Soles: 193-2444046-0-32
CCI: 00219300244404603217

2. After the deposit, send us a copy of the voucher indicating the selected project to the email: címalpe@hogarcima.org or WhatsApp: 995-669-578

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible.

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