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The CIMA team is made up of:

  • 1 director, who manages the home before the local environment and coordinates the activities and proper management of the home within it, in collaboration with the coordinator and the administrator.
  • 1 administrator, in charge of administrative management, coordinating the actions of the staff and guaranteeing the logistical resources for the development and proper functioning of the home
  • 1 coordinator, who coordinates with the staff of the pedagogy area (tutors, teachers, psychologists and social workers, nurse) the activities that directly involve the training of children and adolescents.
  • 13 tutors and tutors (2 per pavilions that rotate every 48 hours). They are in charge of the training of the children in the pavilions and are their referents. They take the children to school and also follow up with the teachers.
  • 13 Teachers: 3 leveling teachers, 2 teachers from the Alternative Basic Education Center (CEBA) and 8 workshop teachers (farming, carpentry, clothing and crafts, fabric painting, music, hydroponics, technical initiation and computing)
  • 3 Psychologists, that establish the psychological profile and carry out primary psychological interventions at the time of admission and give recommendations to the team and to the They are in charge of individual and group therapy (once a week in each pavilion) with the children and adolescents and carry out interviews and training workshops. training with parents. They also organize trainings for staff and support them in handling cases of daily household life.
  • 3 Social workers, who monitor the socio-economic and family situation of the children. They aim to strengthen family and social supports to facilitate the reintegration of children and adolescents in the future.
  • 1 nurse, who is in charge of evaluating the physical health at the time the child or adolescent is admitted and of ensuring their health during their stay at the Home. He coordinates with the local medical post and/or the hospital and takes children and adolescents to their appointments, and also coordinates with the medical post to organize educational talks on the basic principles of hygiene, among other aspects related to caring for health and sexuality.
  • 1 dentist, who comes one day a week to attend to the needs of the children and
  • the other services of daily life, kitchen, laundry, driver, night watchman.
  • The volunteers. CIMA frequently welcomes volunteers recommended by friendly associations in France, Germany, Canada, or in other countries, for variable periods (from a few days to a few months). In addition, CIMA receives groups of students and foreign students.