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INFOCIMA Nº 40 – APRIlL 2024

Smile of the Month:

Efraín Villalta

Hello, my name is Efraín, I am 13 years old and here is my story on how I came to CIMA. I used to be a troubled kid who loved swearing, wandered the streets, and hated school. My grades were a mess and my mom, worried about my future, told me about CIMA. I told her to take me there, willing to change. Since I arrived at CIMA, everything changed: first, it felt a little strange because I wasn’t used to schedules and having responsibilities at home. But here I’ve learned to answer in a positive way, not to swear, and friends help me when needed. Moreover, I have improved in cleanliness and am grateful to Father Jean-Louis, my tutors and the psychologist for their advice. The workshops are what I prefer: on the farm, we learn to care of the animals, how to seed and harvest. In the technical initiation workshop, we learn about plumbing work and welding. I am very grateful to CIMA for welcoming me and helping me in my studies. Thanks to my tutors and teachers for training me and for believing in me.

Photo from CIMA year 2002

Testimony Ex-CIMA: Juan Antonio

Hello, my name is Juan Antonio and I want to share my life story with you. I went through difficult and painful times. I was 12 when my mother died in circumstances that marked me deeply, she was murdered. From that moment on, hatred and resentment took over me, and during my mother’s wake and burial, the only thoughts I had were about revenge.   An aunt took me to live with her and my siblings, but I didn’t feel good there. I soon ran away and ended up living on the streets of Lima. I met people with a bad influence who introduced me to the world of violence, fights, drugs, and theft. I drifted away from my family and plunged into despair and oblivion. There were times when I tried to change. I went to help centers in Lima, but I always ran away. The street was calling to me and I fell again and again into my destructive habits. However, an unexpected encounter changed my life.   I met two people who, despite not knowing me, offered me food and listened to my story. Something about them inspired trust, and they encouraged me to seek help in a home, and that’s how I came to CIMA. I clearly remember the day I arrived. They all greeted me warmly and held out their hand. For three months, I was well, but vice and temptation led me to run away. However, the father and guardians never stopped talking to me, encouraging me to come back.   Finally, I decided to commit to my change. I found comfort in faith, Bible reading, and prayers. I felt loved and cared for, as if my mother was present in every moment. With the support of the tutors and the group, I changed little by little.   I became an assistant in the group of older boys, and learned to confront my mistakes and shortcomings: tutors become support figures, like older siblings. That is how the years went by until I turned 18. I entered the military service, where I found stability and purpose. Today I reflect on my life and am glad I took the path to change.

Photo – volunteer visit 2005

Testimony of a Canadian volunteer: Véronique

I want to express my sincere gratitude for giving me the opportunity to be part of the great CIMA family. It has been a wonderful experience that I will treasure forever. From the moment I arrived, I felt a warm welcome that made me feel at home. Although my time here was limited, I was able to immerse myself in the home environment and begin to understand the reality of the children who live here. I would have loved to stay longer to learn even more about their lives and contribute more to CIMA’s work. I understand that fully grasping the complexity and depth of the CIMA experience takes time. As a foreign volunteer, I know that my perspective can be somewhat detached from the reality that children live day to day. However, I tried my best to adapt to the rhythm of the household and offer my help in the best way possible. One of the things I enjoyed the most during my time at CIMA was seeing the smiles on the children’s faces. Although we come from different places and cultures, laughter is a universal language that connects everyone. Those moments of joy are what I took with me as priceless memories of my experience at CIMA. I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and commend the incredible work that the entire CIMA team does. Your dedication and commitment to the well-being of children is truly inspiring. Thank you for all you do every day to make a positive difference in the lives of these young people. I am so grateful for the opportunity of being a part of this amazing project and I look forward to returning in the future to continue supporting their important work.

Fairs at CIMA: A space for encounter, creativity and solidarity

For some years now, CIMA has organized fairs with various products on sale: clothing, footwear, furniture, household appliances and others. The items for sale are second-hand and usually in excellent condition. We also offer ornamental plants, organic fertilizer and animals from our farm: guinea pigs, rabbits, ducks, chickens, pigs and sheep. Visitors can also find products made in CIMA’s workshops.   From the carpentry shop: we made serving boards, chopping boards, bowls, etc. From the fabric painting workshop: there are bags, purses, backpacks and cuads with beautiful paintings. From the pottery workshop: we offer altarpieces, nativity scenes and other ornaments. Each piece in our workshops is unique and reflects the talent and dedication of our young people. They use art to express themselves and develop their skills. We also offer a food court with a variety of delicious typical Peruvian dishes that delight the palate. The fairs at Hogar CIMA are much more than an event: they are expressions of love, creativity and solidarity. These are moments of joy and hope, where every visit and every purchase contribute to building a brighter future for our children and teens.

Birthday of the Month:

Here is the list of people who had birthdays this month: Minor: – Jhonatan Linares – José Gutierrez Happy birthday!

Welcome to the CIMA Family:

We introduce the children who have arrived at CIMA over the course of this month. – Fabricio Perez – Hans Chipana – Darikson Cuba – Sneijder Aguilar


We thank our friend Hamilton Castro from Colombia, who has given a workshop on how to achieve a culture of peace.   Two volunteers have arrived from Germany: Valentin Huss, who stayed for a week, and Franziscus Degenfeld, who will be there for about two months.   Nurses from the Cieneguilla medical post have vaccinated children and collaborators against influenza.   On Tuesday the 30th we celebrated Labor Day with a fellowship lunch. May Day is a holiday, and several collaborators are absent.

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