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The smile of the month

Jhairo Venturi

Hi, my name is Jhairo. I joined CIMA in June 2022 because of my drug addiction; I felt like I was getting lost. At CIMA, I learned a lot of things I didn’t know. In the farm workshop, I was taught how to grow plants and raise animals. In the technical initiation workshop, I learned how to use tools and how to weld. What I like most is carpentry, because I made spinning tops, cutting boards and a house for my pet. I thank all the people who help CIMA because they allow me to free myself from drugs and be a new person.

Ex-CIMA Testimonial:

Iván Quispe

At home, my parents were arguing a lot and I ran away to the street with my friends, where I got lost. Then a friend took me to CIMA. I stayed for a few days and then went back to the streets. This is when Father Jean-Louis came to pick me up with my friends, and this time, I stayed for a while. Then, the next time, I stayed 3 or 4 months. I remember my mother desperately looking for me. Eventually, she found me at CIMA and agreed to let me stay there. I liked the experience, learned a lot of things such as: stay clean and healthy, be organize and take care of the home environment. We had rules of coexistence and also rules for pleasure. All this helped me a lot to change my life.

Note: today, Ivan owns a bakery. Every year, he visits CIMA to meet Father Jean-Louis. On CIMA’s anniversary, Ivan offers a huge cake made by himself.

Cristofer is part of the CIMA music group.

Testimony of a dad

I am the father of young Christopher Alanya. Before I met CIMA, I had a lot of problems with Christopher. He was very stubborn, ran away from home, didn’t want to study, lied to me and stole other people’s belongings. One day, a person on the bus told me about CIMA. So, I talked to my son and he agreed to go to CIMA, even though he had doubts. When he arrived, he liked it and from that moment on, his change was immense, including his studies, his behavior and even his diet. Thanks to CIMA, my son no longer has behavioural problems.

Crafts Workshop

This is a workshop focusing on making altarpieces and small clay figures famous in Ayacucho. The Ayacucho altarpieces are shaped like a multicolored rectangular box, with doors and levels. Inside, small figurines represent different Peruvian traditions. The teenagers who already know the techniques teach the new children the way they have been taught. The workshop also provides therapeutic improvements, including channeling emotions, stimulating creativity, strengthening self-esteem and allowiing peaceful socializing. For some children learning these techniques, this workshop can become a livelihood.

Birthdays of the month:


• Kalet Quintana
• Anderson Palomino
• Dilan España
• José Linares


• Dina Manani
• Pedro Ramos
• Mauricio Chocse


We unite in prayer for the health and speedy recovery of Werner Jung.

Regina Eckert de Villanueva who is a kindergarten teacher visited us to talk about volunteering in Germany.

Edith Retamoso, from “Condor de France Association”, visited us to promote support in different workshops. She gaves us tools and personal protective equipment for technical initiation and farm workshops.

Club La Laguna invited us to commemorate Family Day, and talk about household chores. A loving thank you to Mr. Oswaldo and his wife Ana-María for helping CIMA at home and for promoting the children’s art.

On September 13, the third-year students of Newton Secondary School started volunteering at CIMA.

On September 16, we held a parents’ meeting as well as an open house for the local community.

On September 17, students from the Universidad del Pacífico in Lima visited us to define the objectives of their upcoming volunteer work.

On September 23, the Ayud’ART group met in France for its annual meeting to define the support methods and donation actions to benefit CIMA.

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