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José, Smile of the April

Hello, my name is Jose Gallegos, I am 17 years old, and I have been at CIMA for a long time. I came to CIMA with problems of illegal consumption as well as legal issues because of my difficult life which led me to commit criminal acts with youth street gangs. However, God had another plan for me. Now I am calm and ready to reintegrate society because in a short while, I will be 18 years old. I will become a responsible citizen.

At CIMA, I learnt to work in several workshops. I feel understood and loved here; the staff helps me a lot in my change and now, I dedicate my time to improve myself daily. The workshops that I like the most are painting on canvas and carpentry. I also plan to study a lot and try to join the police, because that has been my big dream. I want to be a police officer to help young people like me get out of their problems.

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