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INFOCIMA Nº 17 – MAY 2022

The Smile of the Month

Juan Sebastian

The Smile

My name is Juan Sebastián, I am 14 years old and I have been at CIMA for 5 months. At first, it felt very strange because I didn’t know anyone. I remember that when I was younger, I met Father Jean-Louis and when we talked, I calmed down a bit. I didn’t feel like leaving and thought: “it’s a new opportunity for me to change my attitude.” When I entered Pavilion A-1, I met new friends and tutors. They advised me to behave well, not to insult and not to fight. We became friends.

The tutor told me about the various workshops and invited me to choose the ones I found interesting. Among others, I chose the technical initiation workshop led by Professor Felipe. I also chose the music workshop where I learn to play the guitar. At the time of prayer, I can accompany the songs with the guitar.

One thing I really like at CIMA is friendship and companionship.

I am now in first year of high school. I repeated a year for not putting effort into my studies, but from now on, I took my studies seriously; I am surprised by my good grades.

I thank CIMA, Father Jean-Louis, Professor Felipe and all the CIMA tutors for helping me improve my behavior and attitude

Workshops And Activities

Trumpet class with Ina Loebel

My name is Ina Loebel and I have been a volunteer at CIMA since October 2021.

Among other things, I teach some children to play the trumpet. On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, we sit together and practice. The guys are super interested and very motivated from the start, which surprises me a lot. Often, they look for me outside of class hours and ask me if we can continue practicing or if there is another song they can play. What impresses me most is that children don’t know how to read musical notes and yet they learn songs super fast. That means that everything the boys play on the trumpet is memorized. I think this is partly thanks to their musical talent, but also to their music teacher Mario. Mario rehearses regularly different pieces of Peruvian music with the boys; they also play all pieces from memory, whether it is the bread flute, the guitar, or the drums. I am particularly proud of three hard-working students: Miguel, Christofer and Humberto. I look forward to seeing them show their talents with the trumpet to the spectators of CIMA’s upcoming anniversary in July.

ExCIMA testimonial

Leonardo Medina

My name is Leonardo Medina, I am 19 years old and am currently enrolled in the armed forces, where I have been for a year and a half. I am studying two courses: driving and skydiving. spent a year and a half serving in the army. I was at CIMA from 2017 to 2021: during those four years, I learned great things. They taught me to earn things with effort, courage, and bravery. Itis not easy for a boy to stay in an institution without his family, but CIMA has something special that makes everyone who steps there feel they become part of the CIMA family. Whether one comes from the toughest neighborhoods of Peru or from Canada, France, or Germany, they all become part of one family. I know that this motivates a person to achieve goals because the family feels proud of it.

Every teenager has a hard time complying with orders and routines, but at CIMA one always has people at one’s side: more than professionals, they become surrogate parents. The advice and experience lead a person to reflect on what he wants to do in the future, little by little. I thank the CIMA family, because without them, I would not be on this path. CIMA is my home; CIMA is my home.

Collaborator testimonial

Edy Fonseca

Hello, my name is Edy Fonseca Luna, I am a teacher at CIMA since 2008.

When I started working at CIMA, I had the desire to help, to share my knowledge with the children. I feel that I have learned a lot from the children these last years. They have been part of my family, each with their things, their joys, their sorrows, their longings and especially with their affection.

Thanks to that love, I have fulfilled the desire to help and be happy with what I do. That’s why CIMA has become my home. I feel part of this great family where I can do what I like most: I love my children, for them I am their mother (so they call me).

I am very grateful to Father Jean-Louis for giving me the opportunity to be happy helping others.

Thank you.

They had their birthday in the month of May:


  • Jesús Cajacuri
  • Brush Flores
  • Eduardo Juárez


  • Myra Bowen
  • Ana Cecilia Arata
  • Eduardo Candela
  • Fernando Jiménez
  • Sandra Ortiz
  • Felipe Quispe


Werner Jung from the Aktion Peru-Hilfe Foundation in Germany came to visit. The foundation has been supporting CIMA for more than 25 years. We are very grateful to Werner, his team and people from all over Germany who contribute and allow the foundation to support CIMA and several other projects in Peru.

Thank you, friend Werner for your visit.

The second week of May we celebrated Mother’s Day in Peru. At CIMA, we organized an afternoon of talent that day and many mothers were present. The children presented music pieces, singing and telling poems dedicated to their mother.

Nine volunteers from the Humani association and from the business school “Neoma Business School” in France visited us in May.

Thank you very much for your dedication and your contribution.

We did a farewell gathering with a campfire for our friend Jonah who was returning to Germany after a twenty five days stay at CIMA. Jonah accompanied us as a volunteer several times in the past. Jonah, thank you for your love of CIMA and your great generosity. The guys and all of us are going to miss you

The other visitor was Dr. Sonia Salas, director for Latin America of the Wilhelm Oberle Foundation in Germany. The foundation has been supporting CIMA for more than 20 years. We are very grateful to Sonia and the foundation for their generous help. Sonia was accompanied by Jorge Liébana from the Un Día home in Esperanza. Jorge came with his family.

Thank you all for your visit.

We welcome the new guys who are becoming part of the CIMA family:

In May, three new minors arrived, and they are:

Alejandro Madrid, Eduardo Cisneros and Justin Ledesma. We warmly welcome you.

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