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April News

Easter celebration

We had a nice campfire night with the children, teenagers, collaborators and volunteers. In this Christian commemoration, we remember the evangelical episodes starring Jesus Christ where the passion, death and subsequent resurrection of the son of God are narrated.

Labor Day

On April 29 we celebrated Workers’ Day together with our team of collaborators. We had a lunch of camaraderie where we shared pleasant moments of companionship and joy.

Werner Jung in Perú

The same day, our friend Werner arrived in Peru after 2 years without visiting CIMA, and other projects in Lima. We warmly welcome you and wish you a nice stay.

Catechesis 2022

On April 30, the 2022 catechesis began again for children and adolescents. We thank the group Los Bosco of Avanzada Católica.

birthday of the month


  • Santiago Maldonado
  • Zeus Ulises Montes
  • Antonio Zarate
  • Janter Villalobos
  • Pol Barzola

A well-spent today with you makes every yesterday a happy memory and every morning a new hope. Happy Birthday!

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